PFT Detroit Discography

PFT Detroit has released five albums, which can be heard on the bandcamp site:

The first album is “Beat Balm” and features a rare bootleg “Vermicomposting Sound Check” performed by Penis Fly Trap.

The second album “World Tour 2012 BC” has some of my favorite songs ever. The story follows Gnat Drake Jones as he tour with PFT Detroit in the year 2012 BC.

The PFT Detroit third album “Demo Demolition” is a collection of demo tapes, some from the old early days, and some more recent improves captured on small electronic recording devices. Each of these songs is deeply personal.

The forth album “Vandalvellum” is a release of an album produced many years ago. This album is special in that it was the sonic half of the prototype hypertype-hypnotune (see EATING EIGHT). A few of these songs are poems set to music.

The fifth album “Chewing Matches in an Abandoned Warehouse” is a release of a collection of songs that PFT Detroit was between bands, although I can see that that might not make any sense. These songs are all experimental and should not be taken too seriously. This is bedroom guitar with a 4-track.