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The mission of Radiant Bunny is to help people grow food, designing with both inquiring systems theory and the permaculture design method. The website radiantbunny.com has a blog that discusses inquiring systems and then adds a permaculture design method perspective.

radiantbunny.com is an inquiring system about inquiring systems, a true metalogue, and a website built with hypertext and connected to humans who are on a mission. The Radiant Bunny mission is to help people grow food. Feeds people. A rabbit hole about Radiant Bunny.

Much of this blog is about inquiring systems theory. Many posts use a conceptual framework provided by C. West Churchman’s Design of Inquiring Systems. This framework is a pattern language for the systems by which we know true. There are 5 inquiring systems, each a theory knowing that the truth is true. These posts constitute the main portion of the blog.

This blog is also a container for experiences, as they are captured with information and pictures. In good Singerian Inquiring System method, I sweep-in the permaculture design method. Here the theory meets practice. Time to be with the plants.

Thanks for surfing here.

-Lars Paul Linden (August 2017)