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mudia Mudia Web Developer wants to shake the hand of Tim Berners-Lee. Hypertext is spoken here. Mudia focuses on XHTML, CSS, XML, Perl, PHP, MySQL, and fightin' words like usability and accessibility. Mudia is ready to build and test and test and test and test your Web pages. Mudia markup that won't let you down.

Computer Book Search has a database filled with really good computer books on really good computer subjects. The PubGrub spider on creepy-crawls only in the jungles of computer books publishers and so you'll only find books about topics like XHTML and XML and open source topics.

The Super-dusty is a zine. Brought to you by the Silly Factory, it's a little library science laboratory fun, a little head-scratching comedy, and overall a very little splash in the Web Pond. But just because the waves are little ripples on the surface, doesn't mean you can't hang ten.

Mudia's BeOS links - Did you hedge your bets with Linux? Well, don't erase the BeOS partition yet! There are at least 3 different groups struggling to keep it going. Sold but not forgotten!

Mudia D.I.Y. Library - of all the places for open source software, the public library seems like it might be a great place for it. This sub-site explores various library software ideas, in an effort to understand the state of libsoft today. Or, check out these librarian-shshshsh!-approved links:

Computer Book Publisher - The electricity might go out and then you'll find yourself reading by candlelight. Quick check out this links page dedicated to 23 great computer book publishers. And not just links to home pages. Here are links directly new releases, catalogs, and search pages.

Headlines from Slashdot is a quick-loading newsfeed for a quick-fix.

Links to the Blob is yet another Mudia link menu. Because has more links than Augusta.

Mudia XML Book Report
The Open Source XML Database Toolkit is filled with code snippets that parse, stretch, and knead XML. Liam R. E. Quin's writing-style has an exceptionally clarity and the book is packed with helpful illustrations.
XML Modeling is book that takes two 3-letter acronyms and makes them edible. XML and UML like chocolate and peanut butter. - "All the XML Books in Print"

Mudia Sci-Fi Pop Quiz is a quick interactive test for you to take while the captain is either not looking or not on the bridge. Plot a course through these launch-pad-blasting, helmet-cracking, skull-rattling questions about science fiction spaceships from the Golden Ages to the Chrome Pages. T-minus - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 2 - 1 - blast-off

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