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Problemography Pattern Server hosts the Problemography Pattern Serve. This website provides access to information systems artifacts that are designed to aid the development of Churchmanian Knowledge Management Systems.

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Think of it as a repository for an Inquiring Systems pattern language. And the cool thing about its kernel theory, Churchman's Inquiring Systems Theory, is that it aids in the understanding of how we obtain knowledge and deem it to be truthful.

Mudia Book

This website is dedicated to books, especially computer books, science fiction books, writing books, and permaculture farming books.

A while ago I had planty of books. Big stacks of books were on bookshelves and desks, and packed into carboard boxes especially designed for books. I know, I know, it is all about the reading.

But, that artifact and its written word, in such delicate typefaces, are special material stuff indeed. But, alas, every library must do a little weeding.

I am reducing the quantity of books that I own, even while buying some. Fewer books does it for me these days, mostling because I want to help shuffle books around the universe. All the world's shelves will be shared, "on a long enough timespan." The dust will capture every copy of Dune.

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Now, here is a set of webpages that I want to fix up again. Mind you, these are very old and many servers ago, so when you see a 404 Not Found please know that my robot take care of broken hyperlink by next Full Moon. Anyway, I look to write some webpages about the form called book and here is a good place to start: Mudia Book.

Mudia Linux Links

Mudia Linux Being Silly

"...because the license may make a difference."

See also: Mudia Linux.

Mudia Web Developer

Marking Up Since 1997.

That's right! Mudia Web Developer has been building webpages for over 20 years! The surprising thing perhaps is that it is still based on triuvarate of World Wide Web technologies: HTML & HTTP & URL. Hat tip to Tim Berners-Lee and the W3C.

Over the years many a website has been created, most backed by open source databases. Frameworks were used, discarded, and even built from the ground up. Lots of hosting services where tried, in search for the best webmastering set-up.

But, alas, the website is transforming again. Reposting all those webpages from over the years.

Meanwhile, here are some hyperlinks. Furthermore, the time has come to document the appmap. The plan is to get many of the old webpages (like The Super-dusty) up and surfable again.