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Mudia Web Developer has been in a retrospective mood about Web frameworks. No need to list them and wax about their glorious features, each so wonderful its own hypertext-serving way.

With each web framework, I code the fresh start, like skiing fresh powder, or stumming that first barre chord with that new amp standing tall. Each each web framework, I was convinced that this was the one. I said to myself:

"Here at last! My search would now produce a working web framework, a sturdy easily-modifiable HTTP server, effortlessly serving up all my punk rock markup."

A web framework grounded upon GNU/Linux which was in turn ground upon the GPL. A web framework with which I grooved the design.

I could go through the list. You probably have been there yourself. I like them all.

Perl in the cgi-bin, PHP on the rollercoster, Java servlets in the toaster oven, HTML::Mason at the beach by the boardwalk, Director Shockwave downtown in the crowds, Flash pushing up the reverb faders, Drupal on the ferris wheel, WordPress on the mountain trek downhill, Ruby-on-Rails with a lollipop, and a wiki to lock all your links in carbonite, After all that...

"Easier in the long-run just to shell into the server and write amongst the media."

Probably silly to learn all that technology, and then start spreading the coding time elsewhere. The media gets converted, reborn in the new language of this season's web framework. The programs change, versions come and go.

But, this time is different, because the technology changed at the crux of the matter, the thread-level, where your program meets the central processing unit.

mudia node links planet circle mudia node links planet circle

The paradigm shift has many features. One of them is that I am moving from the webmastering situation where the websites uses the Apache HTTP server and where cPanel is used as a web hosting control panal. Meanwhile, in the place is Node.js and some DigitalOcean droplets.

There is a new stack in towne. It is helping me brush up on my linux chops. So, that a fun benefit of using node and npm, this new web framework to study. The challenge to learn what is going on is fun. Makes a keyboardist feel like it is 1994 all over again, with wonderful dreams in hypertext, that a New Day's Browser brings.

With change, the small jolt of a new idea whose time has come, just a webserver, alone at the console programming a webserver with a few javascript files. The tests enjoy spidering for the webpages built using Node.js, to serve up inquiring systems, fresh knowledge for the day, and the promise of insights.

The web development that I have been doing on the Node.js platform has been such a great paradigm shift for me. One topic that has really captured my attention the diagramming of Event Loops. Here is an area rich with concept maps. As an inquirer into webservers, I ask what is a proper concept map for descriping event loops.

The concept is so barebones and simple and pure programming fun, and thinking about IO, this all has shocked me out of my complacency, and my search for a web framework has bright day on those little patches of memory responding to quieries galore.

There is plenty of technology connected to Node.js. There is so much new technology to learn and be weary of and there is learning in progress, many "rabbit holes" of subtopics to explore (like containerization and isomorphic javascript), but I keep coming back to this big change for the webmaster role. The thread is an Event Loop (which deals with the connection) and the thread for Apache is the connection. Running Node servers has people talking microservices.

The change in the process of web development has expand this boundary, the database feels closer to the browser. What is possible in the browser appears to have expanded. So, please join me as I investigate node and npm.

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Meanwhile, sorting it all together, here is a collection of hyperlinks about node.js and npm, and plenty of related topics.

Meanwhile, there is plenty to learn, and plenty to code and, lots of work just to learn what I want to learn (if you know what I mean). And, of course, this is a metalogue, the fun of making lists of hyperlinks to the Node.js knowledgebase is itself coded as a Node.js server, a great tool for helping us achieve the Mudia Web Developer goal to make hypertext experiences guided by the patterns of inquiring systems.

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Node.js is a framework that is suited for building webservers. Node.js enables javascript on the server-side, which is interesting because there is so much technology for javascript on the browser-side.

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NPM is a package manager for node, from which emerges an ecosystem of Node.js programmers and modules.