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Webserver Info

I specialize in setting up virtual servers on DigitalOcean, with a nginx webserver and postgresql datbases.

digitalocean hosting

Able to develop with digitalocean's droplets.

postgresql nginx web server

Able to install and develop nginx webservers.

postgresql postgresql databases

Able to install and develop postgresql databases.

Portfolio of Websites Developed

I have been developing Websites since 1997. Below are more recent websites that I have developed.

freeradiantbunny open source software project

I have been developing a node.js web framework called freeradiantbunny. This is an inquiring system for permaculture gardeners.

Radiant Bunny blog blog about Inquiring Systems Theory

This blog stores my writings about Inquiring Systems Theory, the kernel theory of my dissertation. The blog is named after my spirit animal and is called Radiant Bunny. blog
blog about Blockchain Technolgies

This blog stores my organized thoughts about Blockchain Technologies and how these technologies add value to the freeradiantbunny webapp.

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