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Webserver technology is an exciting thing to watch. For years, apache was the go-to webserver. However, a few years ago webserver technology shifted to an event-driven node.js app connected as a reverse proxy on nginx. Before one can develop the website, a webserver must be built on which to host the website. Toward that end, here are some useful webserver technologies.

digitalocean hosting

Start with a virtual server. For example, develop use DigitalOcean's droplet hosting service.

nginx nginx web server

Add a webserver to serve up webpages. For example, install and develop a nginx webserver.

postgresql postgresql databases

Add a database so that the website can be a knowledgebase of dynamic information. For example, install and develop a postgresql database.

freeradiantbunny freeradiantbunny node.js database-interface

Add a node.js webapp that serves up webpages with data from the database. For example, install and develop freeradiantbunny. © 2021